Faculty Notes

Gage McWeeny & "Bleak House": Penguin Classics' debut

Penguin Classics asked Gage McWeeny, assistant professor of English to provide a short piece on teaching a favorite book for their monthly newsletter and Facebook page. Read his newsletter essay on “Bleak House” here (the essay is near the bottom of the page). “And, here’s the Facebook page,” he wrote, “featuring an image of me looking more »

Tara Watson: Research Looks at Income/Marriage

Low-income Americans are less likely to be married.  Recent research by Assistant Professor of Economics Tara Watson suggests that low-income people wait on marriage while striving for higher economic status, with that status determined by the peer group.  “Nevertheless, the analysis indicates that half of the marriage gap between high- and low-income men is determined more »

Cottrell Science Award to Frederick Strauch

Frederick Strauch, assistant professor of physics, has been awarded a Cottrell College Science Award of $40,218 in support of his research “Efficient Quantum Rounting in Superconducting Qubit Networks.”

Edward Burger to Serve on Arts Board

Math professor Edward Burger has been appointed by the Chancellor of the University of North Carolina School for the Arts to serve on the Board of their Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts (www.kenanarts.org).

Recently Published "The History of Forgetting" by Lawrence Raab

A new collection of poems of by Lawrence Raab, the Morris Professor of Rhetoric, has just been published by Penguin.  The book is called “The History of Forgetting,” his seventh collection of poems.  Poems in the book have appeared in a variety of magazines, including The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Times, more »

Tara Watson: Minimum drinking laws and infant health outcomes

Angela R. Fertiga and Tara Watson University of Georgia, United States and Williams College, University of Michigan, and NBER, United States Available online here. Abstract Alcohol policies have potentially far-reaching impacts on risky sexual behavior, prenatal health behaviors, and subsequent outcomes for infants. After finding initial evidence in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) more »