Faculty Notes

Roger Bolton: Work on Understanding Place and Economics of Space Honored

Nov. 16:  Roger Bolton, Emeritus Professor of Economics, was honored by an issue of the journal, International Regional Science Review, entitled: “Special Issue in Honor of Roger Bolton on Understanding Place and the Economics of Space,” Vol. 32, No. 3, July 2009, guest edited by Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams.  Bolton has also more »

Kim Gutschow: Humboldt Fellowship to Support Childbirth Research

Nov. 16: Kim Gutschow received Germany’s Humboldt Fellowship, a three year grant to fund  research and writing of her forthcoming book “Birth: From Home to Hospital and Back Home Again.”  Gutschow’s book contrasts the shift of childbirth from home to hospital in rural India with reverse flow of birth back home again in rural New more »

Markes E. Johnson: Co-editor of Volume on the Geology and Ecology of Mexico's Gulf of California

A new release from the University of Arizona Press under the title “Atlas of Coastal Ecosystems in the Western Gulf of California: Tracking Limestone Deposits on the Margin of a Young Sea” was co-edited by Markes Johnson (Geosciences Department) and Jorge Ledesma-Vázquez (Univ. Autonoma de Baja California).  The pair have collaborated since 1990, taking advantage more »

Reinhard A. Wobus: Editor of Autobiography of T. Nelson Dale

Nov. 8, 2009  Reinhard A. Wobus, the Edna McConnell Clark Professor of Geosciences, is editor of the autobiography of T. Nelson Dale  who taught geology at Williams from 1893 to 1901 and was a prominent geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey for 40 years (1880-1920).  The book was published by the Connecticut  Academy of Arts more »