Faculty Notes

Sarah Hammerschlag: The Figural Jew in Postwar French Thought

Posted May 29: Asst. Prof. of Religion Sarah Hammerschlag’s book “The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought” was published May 1 by the University of Chicago Press. http://bit.ly/aC87fK http://www.williams.edu/Religion/hammerschlag.html

Morgan McGuire: Improving Quality in Video Games

Posted May 29: McGuire, “Ambient Occlusion Volumes” in proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics High Performance Graphics, June 2010 This new paper by Morgan McGuire describes an algorithm for generating images with proximity shadows and other ambient occlusion effects that is 4000 times faster than the current ray tracing algorithms that produce comparable quality.  This will improve more »

Neil Kubler: Linguistics and Chinese as a Second Language

Posted May 28:  In fall 2009, Neil Kubler, Dept. of Asian Studies, published “How to Decide on Difficulty Levels in Chinese: ‘Hard’ vs. ‘Easy’” in Linguistics and Chinese as a Second Language, ed. by Weiping Wu and Zhaolin Li, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, p. 41-51. http://www.williams.edu/Asian/chinese/kubler.html

Frank Morgan: On the geometric founding of Carthage

Posted May 25: After giving one of the opening talks at the Tunisian conference http://math.arizona.edu/~dido/ celebrating the brilliant geometric founding of Carthage by Queen Dido, Williams Professor Frank Morgan was interviewed briefly on Tunisian national TV http://www.williams.edu/Mathematics/fmorgan/Tunis7.wmv Or see http://math.williams.edu.

E.J. Johnson: New publications (Venice)

Posted May 25:  New publications:  Eugene J. Johnson and Leslie N. Johnson, “An Armchair on the Grand Canal: The Prospectus Magni Canalis Venetiarum of 1735,” in Venice in the Age of Canaletto, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Prestel, 2009. Eugene J. Johnson, “A Window in the Venetian Mint and the Libreria di San Marco,” Journal more »

Kevin O'Rourke: Williams College Summer Theatre Lab 2010

Posted May 25:  Since its inception in 2004, the WILLIAMS COLLEGE SUMMER THEATRE LAB has served as an opportunity for Williams students, as well as returning alumni professionals, to work in a theatrical environment free from commercial and critical pressures. The Lab’s goal is to nurture theatrical projects that foster creative experimentation, artistic risk taking, more »