Faculty Notes

Morgan McGuire: Wins Best Research Paper Award at ACM/Eurographics High Performance Graphics

Posted Jan. 7, 2011: Morgan McGuire‘s paper on Ambient Occlusion Volumes wins best research paper award at ACM/EuroGraphics High Performance Graphics.  Artists have long recognized the importance of soft shadowing effects for the perception of proximity and shape in 3D scenes.  Ambient Occlusion is the technical term for this effect, which is used extensively for more »

Frederick Strauch: Publishes Paper "Parallel State Transfer and Efficient Quantum Routing on Quantum Networks"

Posted Jan. 3, 2011: Frederick Strauch, Assistant Professor of Physics, and Chris Chudzicki ’10 published a paper describing a new theoretical analysis of the routing of information in quantum networks.  Inspired by recent experiments on superconducting circuits, they discovered that certain networks of quantum oscillators can be used to route entanglement robustly and with optimal more »