Faculty Notes

Computer Science

Morgan McGuire: Best Paper Presentation Award

Posted March 18, 2014: Associate Professor of Computer Science Morgan McGuire and his coauthor Louis Bavoil of NVIDIA were awarded the best paper presentation award at the 2014 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games for their work on Weighted, Blended Order-Independent Transparency http://jcgt.org/published/0002/02/09/, published in the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques. Their work more »

Morgan McGuire: Announces New Journal, "The Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques"

Posted June 28, 2012: This May, Morgan McGuire founded the open-access international Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques for scholarly articles on 3D graphics and will serve as its first editor-in-chief. His cofounders on the editorial board span academia and industry, including Google, Harvard University, Pixar, University of Tokyo, and Autodesk. This is an important step more »

Morgan McGuire: Publishes New Research Paper on "Scalable Ambient Obscurance"

Posted June 28, 2012: Associate Professor of Computer Science Morgan McGuire published a new research paper on Scalable Ambient Obscurance with Michael Mara ’12 and David Luebke of NVIDIA Research. SAO is a technique for creating realistic lighting for interactive 3D applications such as video games, medical visualization, and architectural design software. He presented the more »

Morgan McGuire: Wins Best Research Paper Award at ACM/Eurographics High Performance Graphics

Posted Jan. 7, 2011: Morgan McGuire‘s paper on Ambient Occlusion Volumes wins best research paper award at ACM/EuroGraphics High Performance Graphics.  Artists have long recognized the importance of soft shadowing effects for the perception of proximity and shape in 3D scenes.  Ambient Occlusion is the technical term for this effect, which is used extensively for more »

Morgan McGuire: Improving Quality in Video Games

Posted May 29: McGuire, “Ambient Occlusion Volumes” in proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics High Performance Graphics, June 2010 This new paper by Morgan McGuire describes an algorithm for generating images with proximity shadows and other ambient occlusion effects that is 4000 times faster than the current ray tracing algorithms that produce comparable quality.  This will improve more »

Kimberly Springer: On teaching race and new technologies

Posted May 18:  Kimberly Springer, Sterling Brown Visiting Professor in Africana Studies, encouraged student in her course, Blackness 2.0: Race & New Technologies, to use new media to produce dynamic, creative projects on race and video games.  Students situated their own experiences with video games in critical race, gender, and gaming theories to critique issues more »