Faculty Notes


Roger Bolton: Ends Over 25-plus Years as Book Review Editor of Journal of Regional Science

Posted Sept. 13, 2013:  Roger Bolton, William Brough Professor of Economics, Emeritus, recently ended 25-plus years as book review editor of the Journal of Regional Science, a multidisciplinary professional journal in regional and urban analysis drawing on economics, geography, planning, transportation, demography, and history. Bolton arranged and edited reviews of more than 1,200 books, and more »

Sara LaLumia: Wins Tax Journal's 2009 Musgrave Prize

Posted April 7:  Assistant Professor of Economics Sara LaLumia ( bio ) has been awarded the Richard Musgrave Prize for the outstanding paper published in the National Tax Journal during 2009.  Her paper, “The Earned Income Tax Credit and Reported Self-Employment Income,” was published in the June 2009 issue.

Roger Bolton: Work on Understanding Place and Economics of Space Honored

Nov. 16:  Roger Bolton, Emeritus Professor of Economics, was honored by an issue of the journal, International Regional Science Review, entitled: “Special Issue in Honor of Roger Bolton on Understanding Place and the Economics of Space,” Vol. 32, No. 3, July 2009, guest edited by Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams.  Bolton has also more »

Lara Shore-Sheppard: Study of Access to Dental Care Funded

August 5, 2009  Lara Shore-Sheppard, associate professor of economics, and colleague from the University of Michigan have received a two-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson’s Foundation in Health Care Financing and Organization funding initiave to study “The Effect of Public Insurance Coverage and Provider Reimbursement on Access to Dental Care: Evidence from the SCHIP more »

Gerard Caprio: Symposium on Hyperinflation

July 3, 2009  Professor of Economics Gerard Caprio was one of four leading a symposium on hyperinflation at the American Institute for Economic Research.

Tara Watson: Research Looks at Income/Marriage

Low-income Americans are less likely to be married.  Recent research by Assistant Professor of Economics Tara Watson suggests that low-income people wait on marriage while striving for higher economic status, with that status determined by the peer group.  “Nevertheless, the analysis indicates that half of the marriage gap between high- and low-income men is determined more »