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Mathematics and Statistics

Morgan McGuire: Delivers Banquet Keynote Talk

Posted April 10, 2013: Morgan McGuire delivered the invited banquet keynote talk at the 2013 ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games. His talk, “The Augmented Artist: Computation & Content Creation” (http://graphics.cs.williams.edu/papers/ArtistI3D13/) described a crisis of exponentially rising costs in the entertainment industry. He gave case studies of techniques used in recent productions more »

Steven Miller: Recent paper, "The lowest eigenvalue of Jacobi random matrix ensembles and Painleve VI"

Posted Oct. 25, 2011: Steven Miller, assistant professor of mathematics, had a recent paper “The lowest eigenvalue of Jacobi random matrix ensembles and Painleve VI” selected to be part of the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Highlights of 2010 Collection. This paper is joint with Eduardo Duenez, Duc Khiem Huynh (who as a more »

Steven Miller: Recognized by International Journal of Research

Posted June 29:  Assistant Professor of Mathematics Steven Miller won paper of the year award from the International Journal of Research in Marketing. The paper discusses applying linear programming to movie theatres.

Frank Morgan: On the geometric founding of Carthage

Posted May 25: After giving one of the opening talks at the Tunisian conference http://math.arizona.edu/~dido/ celebrating the brilliant geometric founding of Carthage by Queen Dido, Williams Professor Frank Morgan was interviewed briefly on Tunisian national TV http://www.williams.edu/Mathematics/fmorgan/Tunis7.wmv Or see http://math.williams.edu.

Paul Park: Roumania Quartet nominated for award

Sept. 24, 2009  Lecturer in English Paul Park’s Roumania Quartet was nominated for the James R. Tiptree Award for science fiction and fantasy stories that explore and expand gender roles. His first volume in the series, “Celestis,” was also nominated for the award in 1996. Listen to Paul on “Strange and Reminiscent: Paul Park on more »

Edward Burger to Serve on Arts Board

Math professor Edward Burger has been appointed by the Chancellor of the University of North Carolina School for the Arts to serve on the Board of their Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts (www.kenanarts.org).