Faculty Notes


Sarah Hammerschlag: The Figural Jew

Posted Oct. 26, 2011: Sarah Hammerschlag’s book, The Figural Jew, is a finalist for the 2011 American Academy of Religion’s Best first Book in the History of Religions Prize.

Sarah Hammerschlag: The Figural Jew in Postwar French Thought

Posted May 29: Asst. Prof. of Religion Sarah Hammerschlag’s book “The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought” was published May 1 by the University of Chicago Press. http://bit.ly/aC87fK http://www.williams.edu/Religion/hammerschlag.html

Kim Gutschow: Humboldt Fellowship to Support Childbirth Research

Nov. 16: Kim Gutschow received Germany’s Humboldt Fellowship, a three year grant to fund  research and writing of her forthcoming book “Birth: From Home to Hospital and Back Home Again.”  Gutschow’s book contrasts the shift of childbirth from home to hospital in rural India with reverse flow of birth back home again in rural New more »