Tara Watson: Minimum drinking laws and infant health outcomes

Angela R. Fertiga and Tara Watson University of Georgia, United States and Williams College, University of Michigan, and NBER, United States Available online here. Abstract Alcohol policies have potentially far-reaching impacts on risky sexual behavior, prenatal health behaviors, and subsequent outcomes for infants. After finding initial evidence… Continue reading »

Caprio Named Fulbright Scholar in Economics

Jerry Caprio has been named a Fulbright Scholar in Economics at Trinity College, Dublin, for the fall semester, 2009. ¬†He will be doing research on financial regulation and the current financial crises. ¬†Ireland currently is one of the hardest hit countries in this crisis and will be one of the… Continue reading »

2008-09 Named Chair Appointments

In 2008-09, Williams College appointed of the following professors to named chairs: Henry W. Art as the Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology; Ilona D. Bell as the Samuel Fessenden Clarke Professor of English; George T. Crane as the Fred Greene Third Century Professor of Political Science; Susan Dunn… Continue reading »

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