Reinhard A. Wobus: Editor of Autobiography of T. Nelson Dale

Nov. 8, 2009  Reinhard A. Wobus, the Edna McConnell Clark Professor of Geosciences, is editor of the autobiography of T. Nelson Dale  who taught geology at Williams from 1893 to 1901 and was a prominent geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey for 40 years (1880-1920).  The book was published by the Connecticut  Academy of Arts and Sciences and is one of several in their series about well-known New England geologists. Dale had intended his story to be told posthumously, but it was buried for more than 60 years in a box of manuscripts eventually presented to the Williams Archives in the late 1990s. Interspersed with his narrative about geological field work in the local area for more than a decade are his religious and philosophical observations and his not always complimentary views of the College around the time of its centennial.